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Closter Teen uses CPR Training to Save a Life

“This is exactly why I took a CPR training course…I knew someday it was going to be useful.”

Posted May 17, 2014 , North Jersey Region , Closter , NJ

Seventy-six-year-old Peter Baker was a regular at the gym where 17-year-old Tyler Williams worked. Williams looked forward to seeing Baker’s friendly face and warm smile around the gym.

During his workout on December 7, 2013 Baker stepped off the treadmill to turn on a fan and collapsed. Fellow gym members notified Williams immediately and laid Baker down on the treadmill.

The Northern Valley Regional High School student called 911. After identifying that Baker, who had gone into cardiac arrest, had no pulse and was not breathing, Williams performed CPR until emergency medical personnel arrived.

Emergency Medical Services administered oxygen to Baker. After using an Automated External Defibrillator to administer three shocks to Baker a pulse was detected and the ambulance whisked him away to the hospital. “This is exactly why I took a CPR training course,” said Williams, “because I knew someday it was going to be useful.” Williams and Baker reunited to share their story during a Red Cross Open House in Ridgewood on May 15 where community members also learned about Red Cross services in Bergen County and throughout the North Jersey Region.

After explaining the events of that day at the gym and how she put her training to use, Williams received a heartfelt hug from her biggest fan Peter Baker. “I’ve donated probably 100 pints of blood over the years,” Baker said. “That’s easy, but when you can actually learn and then perform lifesaving skills, well that’s amazing. Tyler was able to save my life!” American Red Cross of Northern New Jersey Community Chapter Executive Jocelyn Gilman presented Williams with an American Red Cross Certificate of Appreciation. “What Tyler has demonstrated is that with the proper training we all have that potential to touch, change and save lives,” Gilman said.

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