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A "Shocking" Addition To Smilow Family Dentistry

Automated External Defibrillators or AED's can increase the survival rate of Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) by 75% if used within 5 minutes of onset. An AED is a portable user-friendly electronic device that automatically diagnoses potentially life-threatening heart rhythms. If the AED detects a problem that may respond positively to an electric shock, it permits a shock to be delivered to restore a normal heart rhythm. Each year, 326,200 people in the U.S. experience SCA, and nine out of 10 victims die. This is roughly equivalent to the number of people who die from Alzheimers’ disease, assault with firearms, breast cancer, cervical cancer, colorectal cancer, diabetes, HIV, house fires, motor vehicle accidents, prostate cancer and suicides combined. In fact, the incidence of sudden cardiac death is nearly 10 times higher than the incidence of death from breast cancer.

Faster and easier access to AED's will change this statistic! Less than 10% of medical and dental offices in the United States currently have AED's, which is unacceptable. has developed a Public Access Defibrillator Program to help make AED's available to the public in places where SCA is most likely to occur. This includes places where AED's are not currently required by law, but pose the greatest risk of SCA occurence. Medical/Dental offices, martial arts studios, and crossfit gyms are just a few.

Dr. Smilow and his staff have set a new standard for Dental professionals. Having an AED in the office sets Smilow Family Dentistry aside from the rest. Emergencies happen, and they are prepared to give their patients the best possible chance of surviving. Find out how you can join our Public Access Defibrillator Program and save lives by contacting us today!

Dr. Josh Smilow

Smilow Family Dentistry

41 Mountain Ave.

Springfield NJ 07081

Make an AED available for your patients, your staff, your family, your friends, for yourself... AED's save lives! One might save yours someday...

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